Monday, August 27, 2007

What are your accomplishments?

Life Balance: When your life exists in such perfect harmony that the energy force within you is in sync with the heartbeat inside. A feeling of overwhelming strength, joy, laughter, love and intelligence that is older then time itself. The sense within you, that your very soul and spirit and divine wisdom are acting as one.

“Everything you do or don’t do, every class you take, every grade you earn, every activity you join, every detention you get from now on, will be part of your PERMANENT RECORD. These accomplishments will follow you everywhere, to college, and to every job you every have. Choose them wisely.”---Principle at high school orientation

She’s not tipsy, she’s not on the way to being drunk, she’s accomplished.”—friend commenting on another friend

The calendar may tell us the New Year begins in January, but we all know it begins the day after Labor Day. Summer ends, back to school arrives, new TV show start up and old ones return, closets changes from shorts to pants, the nights get cool, the days shorter, and our expectations rise. Whether you have kids in school or not, we all feel like kindergartener’s waiting for their first bus. We are happy and ready to begin new routines. Give us a new Snoopy pencil case and 50 cents for an ice cream snack, and we are happy, happy, happy. Success can’t be far behind.

Recently, Wild Child went to high school orientation. I of course, had him at age 12, so I felt like a child again myself. Well, the reality is, I thought how did I accomplish this already? Most of my friend’s kids are in college or in the service, some are married. Others have children. My kids are just moving up to middle school and high school, so I was feeling kinda old. Up until then, I was thinking I was the newbie at accomplishing things, but I found out it really was my kids now.

Or is it?

There I was thinking of my accomplishments last week when I recently applied for a second job and completed my performance review at work. Next the principal used the “these accomplishments will be on your permanent record” speech and then I heard my friend’s son use the word accomplished to mean totally drunk Interesting turn of events, from success to drunk in just a few short days.

Let’s hope high school and middle school don’t end up the same way.

What does anyone ever really accomplish in life? What really are the successes? What is on our permanent record of our life?

If you had to sum up your life in 2 sentences, what would it be?

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