Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Are you the hunter or the prey?

Life Balance: exists in perfect harmony, when the energy force within you is in sync with the heartbeat inside. A feeling of overwhelming strength, joy, laughter, love and intelligence.

Question: Is Everyone born either a Hunter or Prey, or does life circumstance determine it?

It seems to me that people are naturally either hunters or prey. The hunters soar through life, going after their goals, grabbing onto dreams and getting everything they can possibly imagine. They are constantly in motion. They have a force field around them that makes them go, go, go. They view the world differently, seeing the world as adapting to their dreams. They see opportunities and possibilities. They make their own music, their own rules and their own careers. If they see an interesting person, they weave their web around the person and pull them in. They make the appointments, have the jobs created for them, find the cushy stock options and make millions, and always seem to gravitate toward bigger and better. Hunters find their joy in the next big kill, be it a new job, a new house, a great stock tip or an adventurous vacation.

The prey in life really lead the more unimaginative existence, having more structured lives. They get a decent job, have a paycheck, find a mate, settle down and look forward to the next new television season. They take dreams vacations and have satisfying hobbies. They are often very spiritual and find a level of contentment in the everyday things that hunters would find frightening. They live in the moment and find joy in the butterflies.

So how do we end up being hunters or prey? Is it our personalities we are born with? Is it the background we grew up in? Is it the mates that we choose? Is it simply the job we are in at middle age?

Do all hunters live to find their next prey? Are the hunters happy, or is contentment something only the prey can find? Do they need each other to exist?

I live in a sphere of life where I can see both sides. I envy the everyday existence of the prey, because I think they lead very contented lives. They possess a gratitude and spirituality that makes the world go ‘round. They make the lives possible for the queen bees and hunters of the world. They may do repetitive tasks, but they also have more free time to smell the roses. They can just goof off if they want to, and they often do.

Hunters on the other hand are often restless, and sometimes a little crazy. Then need the newest, the biggest, the fastest and the most expensive constantly. They are the original creators of the in-crowd mentality. They often judge so not to be judged, but they also are usually the most creative souls around. They see things differently because they are the ones who are the most innovative, making the new machines to drive our world.

Are we all either one or the other? Do we sometimes start out one way, and get lost on the highway of life? Do our dreams fade as the responsibilities increase, causing us all to become prey of our own stupid mistakes in life?

Can anyone really break free, and be the hunter again?

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