Friday, August 17, 2007

I once was a Size 6 and I can prove it

Life Balance

Life Balance: When your life exists in such perfect harmony that the energy force within you is in sync with the heartbeat inside. A feeling of overwhelming strength, joy, laughter, love and intelligence that is older then time itself. The sense within you, that your very soul and spirit and divine wisdom are acting as one.

I know I’m going to lose all my weight now that I got rid of all my 6’s and 8’s. I just threw out 110 suits, my kids counted them”—frustrated dieter

Women judge themselves successful by the clothing they own, especially clothing in tiny little sizes they have not worn since the Reagan years. Even when we are busting out the doorways with a size 22 butt and bosoms to match, if we own size 6 Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans from 1982, then we are beautiful. We are part of the club that has been there once and that’s all that matters in life. We have the potential.

So we stuff our closets with beautiful clothes, some with the tags still on, for that size 6 body. It’s as if the body we used to have will magically appear one morning and we must have something on hand to fit the 24” pre-kids waist size. The Girl Scout inside of us won’t let the clothes go. Or maybe we keep the clothes around as a trophy, a permanent upturned middle finger gesture to one-up all the women who had never even been near a size 6 (me included).

I don’t know why it’s a truism, but just about every woman will tell you that started losing weight right after they decided to give away their “thin” clothes. It’s like the clothes were taunting them with loud chants of “Fatty! Fatty!” and they needed to suffocate the voice. Then, and only then, was it quiet enough for their brains to think and hear their true voice. The one that says, “You are beautiful, even now.”

For me, purging of the old clothes equals purging of the old thoughts, the old ways that don’t work for me anymore. It’s a way to get in touch with the woman I am NOW and to see her boundless potential going forward. And that’s the way it should be.

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