Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let the music out inside you

Life Balance: When your life exists in such perfect harmony that the energy force within you is in sync with the heartbeat inside. A feeling of overwhelming strength, joy, laughter, love and intelligence that is older then time itself. The sense within you, that your very soul and spirit and divine wisdom are acting as one.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right.”---Henry Ford

Sometimes we have things inside us that we keep bottled up for years. Periodically we pull out the idea, dust it off and wonder about letting the genie out inside, to see if our wish can be granted. We start to have a happy fantasy about that idea and what it might be like to actually do it. Maybe it’s quitting your job and staring your own business. Maybe it’s becoming politically active and trying to make a change by backing a favorite candidate. Maybe it’s doing a craft you love and trying to sell it for profit. Maybe it’s adopting a foster child.

So we keep on fantasizing, but we don’t often take it to the next level. We start to see reasons why we can’t. I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, “She won’t let me”, “He thinks it’s a stupid idea”. We remain afraid to even make small changes to get us there. A friend of mine likened this to being the teenage boy in the basement, playing his guitar, waiting to be discovered by the Rolling Stones. If we want to be in the band, we should join a band and jam, we should write songs and let people hear them and give us feedback, we should start working around bands to get in the atmosphere, we should take lessons to improve ourselves, we should buy the best equipment we can. We need to act like we are choosing the right band to play with instead of waiting for someone to read inside our heads and choose us.

Still, we muddle on most days not letting the genie out of the bottle even for a minute. But God keeps jabbing us in the back, trying to get our attention.

Did you ever have days where you brain just seems to be on fire? You have a million things on your plate and you are whizzing through them at an astonishing rate. You can’t believe how good you feel and how much you are accomplishing. You write lists, send emails, make phone calls, figure out whole new organization systems and solve problems your brain has been ticking away at for months. And in the middle of this Olympic-caliber performance, your brain sends out some hare-brained idea to make something, call someone, go somewhere or be on a new path. It’s as if this idea, or this calling, defines you. And then you see that maybe all you needed was to think you can, instead of thinking you can’t.

Will you keep playing your instrument in the basement, or go outside and let the world hear the music inside you?

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